Welcome To Center Court Athletics

A Better Sports Experience For Our Youth. 


Our Foundation

Center Court is a premier youth athletic association that prides itself on teaching the fundamentals of sports. We strive to help our athletes understand the “why” of the game. Breaking down the technique and purpose of each fundamental which provides a clear understanding for a proper application.

We believe that self-confidence is the underlying foundation to a successful athlete. Using a simple, yet proven, philosophy accompanied with a few core values, we’ve created the perfect formula to assure your child’s success. Our goal is help your athlete thrive in sports and in life.

We invest in people! Our athletes leave Center Court with the proper tools needed to be successful on and off the field/court. We believe any sport, when properly taught,  can be a great vehicle to enhance the learning experience. It’s more than just sports at Center Court. Our athletes learn to appreciate life and how to deal with the everyday struggles through sports.

You either win or learn, but you NEVER lose!


Our Core Values







Our 3D Philosophy

Understanding the athlete is imperative when creating a program or individual regimen. Every athlete is different and should be treated as such. However, we have have adopted (3) fundamental traits found in EVERY successful individual as a core foundation to building individual success. These traits have been proven to help athletes formulate their own process to help them focus with a purpose and drive success. 


  • Determination – A fixed Purpose
  • Decisiveness – Producing a definite result 
  • Dedication – The state of being