Just a few more reasons

  • Cost effective programs
  • Fundamentally Focused
  • Fun, Safe and Positive
  • Multiple Sports Provided
  • Family Friendly Schedule
  • Great Community offering
  • Kids LOVE Us!!!

Community Sports

Why Center Court?

A community is only as strong as its members. That same principal applies in sports. Young Athletes develop faster and stronger when they are given the tools they need to be successful AND shown how to use them. We’ve found that when athletes are placed on teams with their peers, they tend to excel with confidence.

Our Philosophy is simple, We coach kids, not sports. Athletics is just another vehicle used to build Confidence, Character and Attitude (CCA). We believe that starting young within local communities will help build a stronger and better society. 




Pre-K-2nd Grades / Lil. Spartans

This program is designed for athletes to explore the world of sports. Fundamentals and teamwork are key focuses.   

3rd & 4th Grades / Jr. Spartans

This semi-competitive program builds on fundamentals by introducing more rules, ref’d games and score keeping.