The Heart of Center Court

Our Why 


Sports played an intricate role throughout my childhood. Growing up with limited resources and opportunity, I was fortunate to find solace playing basketball. It became an art, rather than a sport. I found an outlet that allowed me to openly express myself through a positive channel.

Playing a team sport taught me many of life’s finest principles. I loved how my coaches turned real life situations into game scenarios and taught us how to resolve them through critical thinking and by utilizing the tools we had been given. It was these concepts that helped me to become who I am today. 

I have been blessed with numerous opportunities to work with youth throughout my life. I’ve found myself while losing myself in teaching and developing others through sports. It’s more than a job or a passion, It’s a calling. 

People change, principals don’t. This is why I created Center Court Athletics. It gives us the opportunity to teach the principals and the “why” of he game. It allows us to help build our youth into better athletes and productive individuals. Our goal is to help our youth reach their full potential by focusing on building a solid foundation, not just in sports, but in life. 

The hope with Center Court is to give every athlete the opportunity I was given. I NEVER wanted a handout, just the chance to learn of the right tools to build the dream I had always envisioned. This is where the game began.  


Founder / Coach-Mentor

Tim Jackson