Center Court is a premier youth athletic association that prides itself on teaching the fundamentals of sports. We strive to help our athletes understand the “why” of the game. Breaking down the technique and purpose of each fundamental provides a clearer understanding for proper application. After all, this is where the game begins.

Community Sports Little Spartans

  • Great opportunity for ages 3-8
  • Instructional (Non-Competitive)
  • Cost Effective & Saturdays Only
  • Family Friendly Environment 

K-6th School Leagues & Programs

  • No additional work for staff
  • Family Friendly / Local Travel
  • Grades k-6th / Leagues 4th-6th
  • Co-ed Programs 

Camps, Clinics & Tournaments

  • Perfect for all ages
  • Tournaments for all levels
  • Fundamentally Focused
  • Measured Results / Success

Have you heard this?

Mom, I’m bored!!! This is the first sign that you need Center Court Athletics.

Community Sports – Little Spartans

Little Spartans is an instructional based (non-competitive) league that provides the perfect opportunity to introduce your little athlete to the world of sports. Teaching correct fundamentals and developing teamwork attributes are the key components for this League  

Little Spartans is designed for ages 3-8. Teams are co-ed with (2)  coaches per team. Seasons are family friendly with games and practices on Saturdays ONLY. Our leagues are low cost, action packed and Kids LOVE them!!!

Elementary School Sports Programs

Center Court Athletics created a Plug-N-Play sports model that enables elementary schools (K-6th) to engage in athletic competitions with other local elementary schools. Programs as such are near non-existent. To make this a reality, schools would have to allocate funds for hiring additional staff, purchase sports supplies, create a fluent registration process and so much more. 

Center Court Athletics is the solution! Our program is divided into (2) sections. Grades K-3rd are prepared for league play through Athletic Day Camps & Clinics. Grades 4th-6th are divided into Jr. Varsity and Varsity teams that participate in league play. Center Court covers all the logistics from A-Z.  This is a great opportunity to better prepare athletes for Jr High and High School sporting environments. 

School Sports

Parents prefer a school program over club sports. It builds community involvement, It’s easier on the family and helps develop school pride.

This is where the game begins!

Ask about our school and community fundraisers. We are always looking to create new partnerships.

Camps, Clinics & Tournaments

This is where the game begins. Our day camps and clinics are designed to focus on key fundamentals. Helping athletes understand the why is critical to their development. 

Tournaments provide great opportunities for teams to build unity and develop skills preparatory for any season. Center Court Athletics would love to be a partner with your team. We provide the service, your team plays for FREE and a percentage of the tournament goes to your team. It’s that simple and fun. 

It takes a community!

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